OMC’s  Upcoming Activities and Events (In Chronological Order)



1) San Francisco Bay Area Thingyan - Burmese New Year Water Festival (May 29, 2016)


             Annual event to promote Burmese culture and tradition and to raise fund for our very first Myanmar Community and Cultural Center in the San Franciso Bay Area.


2) San Francisco Burmese Film Festival (TBD)


             OMC is working hard to create this rare opportunity for people in the SF Bay Area to see Burmese films with English subtitles in a theatre. Please contact us for more information.


3) Burmese Professional Networking Event (TBD)


             The purpose is to organize a small gathering of Burmese Professionals and students of SF Bay Area to mingle and exchange the knowledge, information, contacts and guidance for the career building and networking within the Burmese Community. Event’s detailed information is TBA soon.