1) Burmese (Myanmar) Community and Cultural Center (BMCCC) Project


           This is the main and most important project of OMC, initiated since 2009.  OMC successfully organized the three fundraisers for a first Burmese (Myanmar) Community and Cultural Center (BMCCC) of Northern California together with the San Francisco Bay Area Burmese Community. The first fundraiser was held on on Aug 9, 2009, since then OMC has successfully organized Thingyan festival annually. On June 21, 2014, OMC opened the very first Myanmar Community & Cultural Center in Union City, California.

For more information, please check our upcoming events:   OMC Upcoming Events


2) Theravada Buddhist Youth Group (TBYG) Burmese language and cultural class


           TBYG, founded by Theravada Dhamma Society (TDS), strives to promote Theravada Buddhist culture, tradition and practices to all youths in a causal and fun environment. In addition to Buddhism, the group offers Burmese tradition and language classes, and organizes Burmese food and entertainment fares regularly, in order to preserve and instill Burmese cultural values and customs in all Burmese youths who were born outside of Burma or have been away from the motherland for a long time.

           OMC actively participates in almost all the events organized by TBYG or TDS. On a regular basis, OMC members take part in teaching TBYG's Burmese language and cultural class since the founding of TBYG in 2008. A lot of resources are needed to support that program for a long run.

The class is held every third Saturday of each month from 1pm to 4pm at 

           Theravada Dhamma Society Dhamma Hall, Room 101, Serramonte Del Rey

           (former Jefferson High School, 2 blocks above the Serramonte Shopping Center), 

           699 Serramonte Blvd, Daly City, CA 94015 (650) 993 8770

For more information: http://tdsusa.blogspot.com/



3) Other Programs and Services           


            OMC is always exploring opportunities to get involved in volunteering services for social and community affairs such as education, translation, driving tests, job searching and health care for the refugees and immigrants occasionally. OMC organizes annual Summer Camping trips and other recreational activities to network with outdoor loving community members annually. OMC had participated fundraisers for natural disasters such as tsunami, earth quakes or cyclone for the people of the world as needed. OMC is also planning to initiate various language classes including Burmese.