The Burmese (Myanmar) Community Center (BMCCC) Committee was formed in 2011 under the guidance of OMC (formerly BYA) to organize the continuous fundraisers and campaign activities to make this dream happen. On June 26, 2014, the first Burmese (Myanmar) Community and Cultural Center was open in Union City, California. Currently, the committee is exploring additional programs to better serve the community.


More update and announcements regarding community center can be found on its facebook page:


Mission Statement

        We people, from the country of Burma / Myanmar – which include Kachin, Karen, Karenni, Chin, Mon, Burman, Arakanese, Shan, and others – seek to have a culture and service resource center, where we can share our commonalties, teach our heritage to our children, preserve our culture, showcase our festivals and, importantly, teach, learn and share how to face the challenges and language hurdles in order to participate and integrate into the American fabric.



  • To improve access to and success in high quality education
  • To promote community unity
  • To serve as an information hub
  • To preserve and promote culture


Programs to be offered

  • Tutoring classes for refugees and low income kids
  • Burmese language classes
  • Traditional dance and instruments classes
  • Mobile Consulate for Myanmar visa Education and career counseling
  • Vocational education and training Citizenship exam preparation
  • Speaker series of inspirational people related to Burma Hosting community events


Fundraising Events

        BYA (now OMC) successfully organized the three fundraisers for a first Burmese (Myanmar) Community and Cultural Center (BMCCC) of Northern California together with the San Francisco Bay Area Burmese Community. The first fundraiser was on Aug 9, 2009. Then we paused for a year and the second one was on July 9, 2011. Since then, OMC has successfully organized SF Bay Area annual Thingyan Festival. OMC has successfully helped opened the first Myanmar Community and Cultural Center at 33511 Western Ave, Union City CA 94587.